Gift Vouchers – seeing what’s right under your nose.

It’s funny how you so often don’t see what’s right under your nose. Last November when I was being asked what I wanted on my Christmas list, I though about asking for vouchers for a particular wool shop. When I looked at their website they didn’t sell them, so I trundled away and forgot about it.

But last November I was also setting upΒ the Dartmoor Yarn Company Website. So why, oh why did it take until last weekend, when someone asked if I did gift vouchers, for me to create them?


Anyway, that’s the long way of me telling you gift vouchers are now available in The Dartmoor Yarn Company shop. Just in case you know anyone who knits πŸ™‚

It’s also a way of me putting off telling you my personal creative goals for 2017, because I still haven’t decided what they are. Better hop to it!

Hope you’re having a great week.




10 thoughts on “Gift Vouchers – seeing what’s right under your nose.

    1. Thank you. Would you believe the problem you had with being out of UK and sending to UK was still problematic for the lady that wanted the vouchers. Apparently they’ve finally worked out it’s a problem Worldpay have with the the explorer browser and it’s being fixed Thursday. So can you tell me if you weren’t using Explorer please?


    1. Now worries. Hopefully it won’t happen after the 12th. Mind, I still think I’m going to go through the rigmarole of signing up to a Paypal gateway too when i have a minute – since there’s no way of knowing when it happens unless someone tells you.


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